Erla welcomes support of Defence Force Reserves

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Erla welcomes support of Defence Force Reserves

Commissioner of Police Erla Harewood-Christopher has welcomed the President’s call up of 100 Defence Force Reserve officers and says the initiative is bound to yield “significant results.”

In a GML report, the top cop said the intent of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service’s collaboration with the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force in patrolling the country during the Christmas and Carnival 2024 periods, is “to sustain our relentless pursuit of the criminal element during this period as we seek to ensure the safety of all our citizens”.

Harewood-Christopher said both entities had a history of collaboration.

“The TTPS welcomes the initiative provided for in the legal notice issued by her Excellency for the additional manpower to supplement the officers of the TTPS as we intensify our operations in preparation for the critical period of Christmas into Carnival.”

She said they will continue to establish strategic alliances with our national security agencies “to enhance our intelligence and crime-fighting capabilities and we look forward to achieving significant results as we do so”.