Education Ministry: In-person Classes To Resume For Forms 1-3 From February

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Education Ministry: In-person Classes To Resume For Forms 1-3 From February

The Ministry of Education says while there are many different views on school re-opening throughout Trinidad and Tobago, in considering the operations of schools in Term II, it has taken into account the recommendations of the stakeholders, as well as guidance offered by international bodies.

In furtherance of this mandate, the following decisions have been taken regarding the operations of schools in Term II 2021/22:

Post-secondary and Tertiary students will be allowed to attend physical classes for teaching and practicals from January 2022.

All students of Forms 4-6 or equivalent will attend school physically for teaching classes, practicals and school-based assessments from January 3rd, 2022.

Students of Forms 1-3 or equivalent are required to remain engaged in remote learning in January 2022, allowing schools to plan for their return to physical attendance in February 2022, on a rotational basis.

Primary Schools will continue to operate remotely in Term II, with the exception of Standard 5 students, who will attend school physically from February 2022.

The SEA will be held on March 31st, 2022. Delaying this exam, as was done in 2020 and 2021, results in many challenges; the major ones being the myriad difficulties of administering CXC and SEA exams concurrently; and the uncertainty of students with respect to transfer applications and the results of SEA reviews- which may result in them switching schools while already enrolled in Form 1.

ECCE Students, along with Standards 1-4 will resume physical attendance, on a rotational basis, in Term III (April 2022).

These proposed plans are predicated on the health circumstances of Trinidad and Tobago, and further details of physical attendance will be released after consultation with stakeholders.