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Duke granted bail of TT$250,000

Public Services Association (PSA) President Watson Duke appeared before a Port-of-Spain Magistrate this morning charged with sedition. He was granted bail of TT$250,000 with surety.

While the prosecutor did not object to the bail, he mentioned Duke’s pending matters of rape and indecent assault in Trinidad and one count of disorderly conduct in Tobago. He said these must be considered when determining the bail stipulations for the PSA President. The case was adjourned to December 13th.

PSA President Watson Duke

Duke’s comments were read in court this morning. He is reported to have made the following statements on Friday 16th November, 2018:

“So when America was fighting Japan, Japan never bomb, starts a war, America retaliated with one big bomb and that was it. We could march from now every day, every day, every day. What marching does is call attention to the nation as to your problem, which I believe the nation already know”.

“Now, I tell you what I want you all to do you know, because unless you’re not prepared to do that, each of you much internalise what this means to you and your family. Doh go and take no licks and sit down quiet home you know”.

“And we have to be aware that we must be prepared to die, folks. You know why? This is your belief. This is your family, and I tell you the message is clear, yuh know. Leh Rowley dem know that the day the come for us in WASA, we are prepared to die, and the morgue will be picking up people, because when men and women are prepared to die, people does recognize de level of a conviction, trust me”.

We have to become people of conviction. I doh support, forgive mih language, jackass behaviour. I am king march. I love to march. Buh you see me, I looking for a bomb, something to end the fight”.

“Me ain’t in this long march thing again. I want to dun de fight and the day they come for us in WASA, I’m going to tell them prepare to collect some bodies in the morgue, and I may be one of them, because when I take up this duty, my duty was simple, to protect and represent my employees”.

“We talking conviction. I does get emotional and I talk dem things, yuh know, because me ain’t in no marching, marching thing because ah tell yuh straight, me not in this stupidness up and dong, whoa, whoa, woa, whoa. That can’t change nobody mind”.

“The day they come for my people, we go have act with conviction, you know, and they go know they better prepare the morgue and they better prepare to answer to United Nations and the world: “How come dem people die? For what reason’ I bet you it go stop”