Dubai Closes All Bars Amid the Surge of COVID-19 Cases

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Dubai Closes All Bars Amid the Surge of COVID-19 Cases

The Dubai government announced that it will close all bars and nightclubs for the entire month of February, and will impose restrictions on other activities after the high cases of Coronavirus following New Year’s Eve celebrations.

The government also ordered, according to “LBC” Close restaurants and cafes by one o’clock in the morning, in addition to imposing restrictions on crowds on cinemas, hotels, shopping centers and other destinations.

This comes at a time when the UAE authorities insist that the Corona pandemic put them “under control.”

The Dubai Media Office said, in a statement, last week: “After a year of dealing with the epidemic, we are confident in controlling the current situation. We have plans to enhance health care capabilities if required.”

Dubai, known for its aviation, its tallest building, beaches, bars and nightclubs, was the first tourist destination in the world to announce a return to normal life in July.

Although this step stopped the bleeding of the important tourism and real estate sectors after the closures and curfews led to the collapse of revenues, but with the resumption of tourism, the number of cases of Coronavirus increased, especially after New Year’s Eve celebrations in which tourists from different countries participated. Without face masks, especially in bars and nightclubs.

Health authorities in several countries accused the UAE of causing the spread of the Corona virus on its soil, especially against the backdrop of the policy of the UAE city of Dubai in dealing with the Corona pandemic.

With the daily reported number of coronavirus cases approaching 4,000, Dubai sacked the head of its government health agency without explanation.

The UAE pinned its hopes on mass vaccines, as Abu Dhabi distributed a Chinese vaccine by Sinopharm and Dubai provided the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

The UAE says it has given more than 3.4 million doses to date, making it among the best countries in the world.