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Dominicans brace for after effects of Dorian


Although the Tropical Storm watch has been discontinued for Dominica,Tropical Storm Dorian continued to move west northwestward away from the island chain, including Dominica.

Dominicans are already feeling the effects of the passage of Tropical storm Dorian, which has left many areas without an electricity supply.

The Dominica’s Sole Electricity Company (DOMLEC)indicated the cause of the power outage is unknown at this time and DOMLEC is investigating the matter.

Reports indicate several areas including National Commercial Bank in Canefield to Belfast, all the way to Castle Bruce, Tranto, Petite Soufriere, the entire Kalinago Territory, Melville Hall and from Grand Fond and others areas are affected. The water supply in some area has also been affected with Dominica Water and Sewerage Company (DOWASCO) working on water supplies is being restored.

The authorities have also said their biggest co concern is landslides and road blockages through downed trees.

IzzSo will continue to monitor the situation in Dominica and other affected islands.