DOMA rejects the resumption of wrecking in POS

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DOMA rejects the resumption of wrecking in POS

President of the Downtown Owners and Merchants Association (DOMA), Gregory Aboud, has stated that members of the business community have rejected the resumption of wrecking in the capital city due to its impact on the city’s commerce.

In a statement yesterday, the Port of Spain City Corporation said towing activities have become necessary to regulate illegal and indiscriminate parking across the city, particularly in residential areas and along the city’s main roadways. 

Port-of-Spain Mayor Chinua Alleyne defended the move, which follows a temporary two-year suspension due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

He said, “The feedback from the general public has been overwhelmingly positive. I think most right-thinking citizens have taken note of the amount of not just indiscriminate parking, but dangerous parking that has spread across the city.”

However, Aboud said, “This appetite for wrecking is extremely controversial. It is a well-known activity that the public has determined based on the behaviour of those involved as to what the intention is.

“It really is not traffic management. I think those in authority, particularly at City Hall should take another look and resist the temptation of the money.”

Aboud further alleged that the city council headed by Alleyne was nowhere close to finding a solution to the city’s traffic management plans.

He said: “At the inauguration of the last council, the Prime Minister made the point that he would want them to do one thing, if nothing else, to implement parking meters before their term ended. It has received zero interest from City Hall. When we brought up the point repeatedly, we were told the matter required legislation and that you have to go to the central government and ask them about it. I have to say we are feeling a pervasive sense of hopelessness.”