Covid Jabs for Pizza and vouchers?

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Covid Jabs for Pizza and vouchers?

With the country being vaccinated at just 28% and the Minister of health and the Prime Minister begging the population to become vaccinated, health authorities at the South West Regional Health Authority (SWRHA) has moved further by offering incentives to people take the Covid-19 vaccine.

The move which saw pizzas and food vouchers being offered to persons to be vaccinated has sparked an online debate. While some have agreed with the move many are disagreeing saying persons should just do the responsible thing and get their vaccines.

Do you agree with the Ministry of health incentivizing vaccines?

In an advertisement yesterday, the SWRHA announced that the first 200 persons to be vaccinated today will be rewarded with vouchers.

The CMO this weekend also said 99% of vaccinated persons avoided serious illness or death. T$T has to vaccinate at least 620,000 more people to achieve herd immunity to halt the spread of the deadly virus that has already claimed over 1000 lives in the country.