Court Of Appeal Allows, In Part, Government’s FUL Report Appeal

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Court Of Appeal Allows, In Part, Government’s FUL Report Appeal

The Court of Appeal on Wednesday ruled the injunction granted against the controversial Firearm Users Licence report is too wide.

In its ruling, the Court allowed the Prime Minister’s appeal in part, recognizing the government must be allowed to continue its process regarding the report.

In a news briefing, the Office of the Attorney General said the ruling clears the way for the Audit Committee to continue its work and deliberations.

The AG’s Office assured any party against whom there is the potential for adverse findings to be made against, including Gary Griffith, will be given an opportunity to be heard.

It added it respects the Court of Appeal’s decision as the Government continues to secure the safety of the members of the public and works to ensure due process and respect for the rule of law.

On October 13, 2022, former Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith, filed judicial review proceedings against the Prime Minister, members of the National Security Council and members of the Cabinet-appointed Firearms’ Users Licenses Committee with reference the FUL Audit Committee.

He sought and obtained an injunction to restrain the Prime Minister from laying an executive summary of the FUL Audit Report of the Firearms Audit Committee or any part thereof, in the Parliament.