Cops suspect Cocorite man was killed by mistake

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Cops suspect Cocorite man was killed by mistake

A case of mistaken identity.

That’s what police suspect in the case of the murder of 41-year-old man Dillon De Silva on Thursday.

The 41-year-old was shot and killed on the Western Main Road, Cocorite near John Street around 11:30am.

He was found in a neighbour’s yard.

His mother, Dianne Hernandez, 60, is quoted as saying that her son was “a bit slow” and had the mentality of a child.

She said he was on his way to deliver eggs to a neighbor when he was shot.

Police apprehended two suspects, 25 and 35, from Cocorite while they were heading east along Independence Square South in a black Toyota Yaris.
The police also seized a loaded gun.

Police suspect De Silva was killed because he was mistaken for another man who lives on the compound where De Silva was killed.