CoP warns criminals: “We are coming after you”

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CoP warns criminals: “We are coming after you”

Commissioner of Police, Erla Harewood-Christopher, said the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service remains very focused and intent on achieving the targets set for the reduction of criminal activities in Trinidad and Tobago.

In a release, she said: “The criminals have made their intentions clear and so have we, and our message to them is, if you intend to be on the wrong side of the law, know that we are coming after you. The question is not if, but when we will get you.”

The CoP further stated, “We will sustain our efforts to preserve and build on the successes we have achieved this year. Our various units will continue to conduct strategic intelligence-led exercises in the upcoming weeks through Christmas and into the New Year. We will maintain the intensity of our operations to protect our young people and to give all citizens the confidence and assurance that we are working to ensure their safety and security.”

This from Commissioner of Police Erla Christopher as she commented on the various crime eradication exercises conducted by police over the past 48 hours. During the exercises several gang leaders and gang members were detained, stolen vehicles recovered along with an illegal firearm.

In one such exercise, around 1 am on Thursday 16th November, 2023, officers of the Guard and Emergency Branch, Port of Spain Task Force, Inter Agency Task Force, K-9 Unit, Air Support Unit, Western Division, Port of Spain Division, Port of Spain CID, North Eastern Division Task Force, Northern Division Gang and Intelligence Unit, Port of Spain Gang and Intelligence Unit embarked on an exercise in the St. Paul Street and Calvary Hill areas. Thirteen warrants were executed, and 15 suspects were arrested, several of whom are alleged gang leaders and gang members. The suspects are currently detained and are assisting police with outstanding investigations.

Given the recent reports of stolen vehicles, the TTPS also focused its efforts on the recovery of said vehicles during various exercises conducted across various divisions.

Friday, in the North Eastern Division, officers paid particular attention to various vehicles and areas used as cool off zones by persons involved in the larceny motor vehicle trade. While patrolling the Barataria district the officers received information of men seen tampering with a motor vehicle along Redman Lane, El Socorro. Upon entering the said street, the officers observed a white Nissan Almera proceeding in the opposite direction. The driver then quickly alighted and started running in the opposite direction. The officers pursued the man, who was held a short distance away. The front seat passenger of the said vehicle was also detained. Enquiries revealed that the car was taken away at gun point in the Woodbrook Police district on Thursday night.

Also, while patrolling the Morvant Police District the officers observed a white Kia Cerrato parked along Angeline Street, Morvant, in the vicinity of the cemetery. Checks of the vehicle revealed that the driver door glass and the ignition broken. The vehicle was subsequently conveyed to the San Juan Police Sub Station.

During an exercise in the Northern Division Thursday, officers recovered a stolen vehicle, a Black Honda HRV with false plates. The vehicle was reportedly stolen in the Couva Police District. Five persons were arrested during the exercise, one suspect for Possession of a Stolen Vehicle, Disorderly Behaviour, Obscene Language, Resisting Arrest, Inciting a Crowd to Commit Acts of Violence and Assaulting a Police Officer. While the four other suspects were arrested on robbery enquiries.

Whilst on mobile patrol, I.A.T.F. officers received information and proceeded to the Bath Street, East Dry River, Port of Spain area where they observed an unoccupied white Nissan Tiida. The officers observed that the glass of the left back passenger door was broken, and checks revealed that registration number belong to a white Toyota Fielder Wagon. The officers then examined the Tiida and retrieved the chassis number which was checked by the I.A.T.F. Joint Command and same belonged to a white Nissan Tiida, which was stolen in the Arima Police Station District on 14th November. The said Tiida was then conveyed to the Besson Street Police Station.

On Thursday in the Southern Division, a party of officers proceeded to Harripaul Village, Diamond, San Fernando, where PC Hall executed a search warrant for stolen vehicles. A black Nissan X-Trail which was on the premises was examined, and police observed that someone had tampered with the chassis number. Based on those findings, the officers deduced that the vehicle was either stolen or unlawfully obtained. As a result, it was seized, and conveyed to the Central Police Station compound.

Additionally, around 2 pm yesterday officers on mobile patrol in the Central Division were proceeding north along Richard Street, Mc Bean, Couva when they observed a man with what appeared to be a cigarette of unusual length in his hand. The officers exited the vehicle and began to approach the man, who upon seeing the officers, took out a firearm from his pants waist and threw it a short distance away. He was promptly arrested, and an Austrian made Glock 43 pistol fitted with one magazine, containing six rounds of nine-millimetre ammunition was retrieved.

A warrant exercise was conducted in the Southern Division between the hours of 9 pm Thursday and 3 am Friday morning. Five persons were arrested, and ten warrants were executed.