Chloe Bailey breaks the internet with debut solo video featuring Beyonce’s mom

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Chloe Bailey breaks the internet with debut solo video featuring Beyonce’s mom

Chlöe Bailey of the pop duo Chlöe x Halle finally dropped her debut solo single after weeks of teasing the song on social media.

After weeks of anticipation, Chlöe Bailey sent her fans on the internet reeling with her sexy new video for “Have Mercy,” featuring cameos from Tina Knowles-Lawson, Bree Runway, and more.

For weeks, Chlöe of pop group Chlöe x Halle has been teasing her debut solo single, “Have Mercy.” The first 15 seconds of the song took off online, going viral on TikTok and helping build anticipation with her appreciators. Now, the singer-writer-producer has dropped the song, along with a star-studded music video, and music lovers are eating it up.

Chlöe commands the music video — which is set in a fictional sorority house — with killer vocals and choreography. The clip opens with audio from a news report declaring a 20-year-old man is missing. The video then takes viewers into Chlöe’s fabulous fictional college life with her dancing, along with her sorority sisters, for fraternity brothers.

Knowles-Lawson has a cameo, acting as an all-seeing sorority mother. Singer-rapper Runway also appears, as well as Rome Flynn, who plays Chlöe’s love interest.

Fans are freaking out on Twitter, full of praise for the singer’s solo offering. One wrote in a tweet, “CHLOE ELIZABETH BAILEY !!!?!? I’m typing this from my casket cause my lungs couldn’t handle this ! #HAVEMERCY.” Another one, sharing similar sentiments, said she “DID THAT.”

Others also seemed just as excited about the cameos alone. Speaking to Chlöe’s connection to Beyoncé, one user wrote, “Imagine having Beyoncé as your mentor and Beyoncé’s mom in your video. Chloe Bailey is the moment and y’all will deal #HaveMercy.”

Chlöe herself took to Twitter to share her excitement ahead of the drop Thursday night.

She wrote in a tweet, “honestly guys i was a bit sad last night because i’m so scared and anxious. i just really want you all to know i’ve been pouring my heart into this and can’t wait for you to hear. it means a lot to me, it’s finally almost here.”

Of course, Chlöe’s sister, Halle Bailey, shared her support and love on social media. Hyping her big-sis up, she wrote to her followers, “UH HUH YUP THATS RIGHT !!!! #HAVEMERCY is the one!!!! @ChloeBailey we are so proud of you sister!!!!”

She also shared a video of the two dancing along to the new song.

Chlöe is set to perform “Have Mercy” live at the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards this weekend. The song is out now on streaming services.