Children’s Authority to beef up security at safe houses

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Children’s Authority to beef up security at safe houses

The Children’s Authority of Trinidad and Tobago has since spoken on the matter involving the now deceased teens who had been in its care.

At a virtual media conference on Monday afternoon, Director of the Authority, Nichola Harvey-Mitchell provided some insight into what would have transpired at the support centre.

Harvey-Mitchell lamented the subsequent incident that occurred and issued an appeal to the other escaped teens, still on the run, asking them to return to the Children’s Authority’s care.

Harvey-Mitchell said while the authority wants to do a better job, it is unable to because demand for its services is greater than the resources available.

She also stated that the authority did not want to turn its safe houses into prisons but because of the behaviour and personalities of the youths it houses, there is need to introduce additional measures regarding security.

She said the authority has 957 children under its care – some in these safe homes, some in foster care and others at different institutions.

Harvey-Mitchell said the maximum number of children held at a safe house is 48 and each facility has a house mother, managers, psychologists, security and nurses.