Chaguanas Mayor questions if TTPS under-equipped to deal with crime

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Chaguanas Mayor questions if TTPS under-equipped to deal with crime

Chaguanas mayor, Faaiq Mohammed is upset over the lack of respect for human life and is calling for businessmen to get easy access to legal firearms.

Mohammed’s call stemmed from news of the murder of pensioner Moonan Hardeo during a home invasion early Tuesday morning at Caroni Savannah Road.

Mohammed said, “There is a complete and utter lack of respect for our human lives in T&T. If someone wants you dead, clearly nothing or no one can stop them.

He said an elderly man was brutally murdered and last weekend a couple was murdered, while last month a nine-year-old was gunned down. “We had home invasions of two elderly couples prior to that. What is going on?”

Mohammed, in a GML report, also questioned whether our police force is out-gunned, understaffed and under-equipped?
He said, “How many more times shall we call the police station and hours after they finally arrive, if they do? Or be given the reoccurring excuse of not having a vehicle?
“This is no fault of theirs that our protective services are under-resourced and their hands are tied as they are left to work with less than optimum.

“Where are our finances being allocated in this nation if it is not to protect our lives? Why is our Minister of National Security not championing these causes? Because he is so disconnected, to him the murder rate is fake news or imaginary and the TTPS is a well-oiled machine.”

The mayor said, “Let us make the process of owning a firearm easier, especially for business owners as they are prime targets, left defenceless against unknown assailants who are planning a well-orchestrated attack.