Chaguanas Chamber ready to work with new top cop

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Chaguanas Chamber ready to work with new top cop

President of the Chaguanas Chamber of Industry & Commerce (CCIC), Baldath Maharaj, said he is willing to work with the new Commissioner of Police, Erla Harewood-Christopher, to see a reduction in serious crimes.

Maharaj, in a GML interview, said the chamber has a history of cooperating with and assisting the police, doing its part “to make the Borough of Chaguanas a safer haven.”

He said: “In the recent past, we donated a drone to the police service of Chaguanas to assist in monitoring criminal activities in the area. The Chamber also assisted in the maintenance of some of the police service vehicles.”

Maharaj noted, “The recent upsurge in serious crimes in the Borough now makes us a crime hotspot in the Central Division,” Maharaj said.  “As part of our initiatives to support the business community and make the Borough a safer environment for shoppers, businesses and investors, the Chamber welcomes any initiatives and programmes that would provide a sense of security.”

He said “We are eager to work with the authorities to restore the confidence of our citizens and members of the business community, so that Chaguanas—and by extension, the wider economy—can attract more investments and business activities in the quickest possible time.”