UNC shares ideas to assist in crime fight; reiterates call for Hinds to go

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UNC shares ideas to assist in crime fight; reiterates call for Hinds to go

The United National Congress (UNC) leader Kamla Persad Bissessar has challenged the prime minister to put aside his ego and find a new minister of national security.

The opposition leader said since Fitzgerald Hinds’ appointment in April 2021, some 1,000 people have been murdered and the public wants to see tangible results, with a minister—according to them—who can “get this horrific slaughter under control”.

The UNC also put forward ideas that they believe can assist with the high crime rate, such as creating a Ministry of Home Affairs to deal with law enforcement, and a Ministry of Defence to protect the borders.

She said the people of Trinidad and Tobago want to see tangible results, with a Minister that can get this horrific slaughter under control, but all they have received from Rowley and Hinds are arrogance, insults and insensitivity.
Rowley has demonstrated complete contempt for citizens over the course of his tenure as Prime Minister, and he has abandoned his duty to provide for and protect the people of Trinidad and Tobago.

She added: “Just as Rowley’s current failed Attorney General Reginald Armour has proven to be utterly dishonest and a disgrace to his office, so has Hinds shown himself to be clueless and incapable of doing his job.
Hinds is a weak and absurd appointment that Rowley must now move on from for the good of the country.
Citizens of T&T deserve a Government that has the vision and plan to deal with the issues that face us.

The United National Congress has outlined several plans and programmes aimed at dealing frontally with the crime crisis, including restructuring the Ministry of National Security into a Ministry of Home Affairs and a Ministry of Defence.”

Persad-Bissessar said the Ministry of Home Affairs will deal primarily with internal law enforcement and involves a focus on policing, to ensure that the deterrent is provided and involves action before the crime is committed. It also involves law enforcement response, detection if the crime is committed and apprehension. Such measures include all aspects of policing, surveillance, use of electronic security, and proper intelligence gathering, as well as major aspects of internal security, such as Fire and Prisons Services. This Ministry also includes the maintenance of law and order, safety and security of citizens.

“The Ministry of Defence would focus on proper border protection, work with our International allies in intelligence and joint operations, and also the critical aspect of policies to deal with terrorist activities both in prevention and immediate action if it ever arises. This Ministry would incorporate the Defence Force, Immigration and Customs to handle border control, as well as specific Units to deal with terrorist activity.
A UNC Government will introduce new criteria for the selection of police recruits. All new recruits will now have to possess at least a diploma in policing. We will develop these diplomae, undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs and implement them at the UWI Debe campus. These academic programs will be combined with a part-time police apprenticeship practical program.”