Centenarian credits faith in God, active-lifestyle for long life

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Centenarian credits faith in God, active-lifestyle for long life

Covid-19 may have dampened many celebrations locally and worldwide, but it did not inhibit the spirit of Ms Christina Crichlow who celebrated her 100th birthday on January 27, 2021.

To celebrate the milestone, her children hosted a small celebration themed “Aged to Perfection” at her Beccles Street, home, Tacarigua, where attendees included relatives from Trinidad and also her children in Canada and North America, who joined via Zoom. Also celebrating Ms Crichlow’ s milestone birthday was Minister of Social Development and Family Services, Senator the Honourable Donna Cox, whose first question to Ms Crichlow was: “What is the secret to your longevity?”

In a hearty response, Ms Crichlow imparted some words of wisdom to Minister Cox: “I pray, hard work, I go to church and I live an ordinary life”. Ms Crichlow indicated that she is very happy to have reached the age of 100 stating, “When I reached to 95, I asked if it is possible, if it pleases Him that He will let me live to be a centenarian.” Well it surely was God’s favour that enabled her to attain the prestigious and graceful age of 100.

“You are blessed to live to see one hundred,” said Minister Cox, who presented Ms Crichlow with a Certificate of Honour and Achievement, an orchid plant, which represents elegance, reverence, beauty and strength; and other items on behalf of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago and the Ministry’s Division of Ageing.

Ms Brenda Crichlow-Cox, one of Ms Crichlow’ s fifteen children said her mother is capable of doing things for herself and still cooks occasionally. Minister Cox indicated that the recognition of seniors, which falls under the purview of the Ministry’s Division of Ageing, is aimed at recognizing and paying tribute to older persons. Minister Cox added that the recognition also serves as a demonstration of the Ministry’s commitment to promoting and preserving the well-being of older persons and fostering a participatory approach by involving the community to recognise and appreciate their elders. The Minister also urged that she has particular interest in older persons, as they were a segment of vulnerable groups in our society that deserves special attention and support in every way possible.

Ms Christina Crichlow was born on January 27, 1921. She has fifteen children, 38 grandchildren, 44 great-grandchildren and two great-great-grandchildren.

She grew up doing home gardening and is very skillful with her hands, sewing work clothes for nurses, knitting and even having presented her handicraft pieces to the late Dr. Eric Williams, during the opening of the first Tacarigua Community Centre.

The Ministry of Social Development and Family Services was pleased to observe this milestone and celebrate our Centenarian and encourages persons to contact the Division of Ageing to inform the Ministry of similar occasions at 623 – 2608; ext: 1403 – 1409.