Armed men attempt to rob Chaguanas MP

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Armed men attempt to rob Chaguanas MP

Chaguanas West MP Dinesh Rambally had a close call last night, after armed men attempted to rob him and his staff at his Munro Road office.

Around 8:10 pm, Rambally reported that he and five staff members were working late when one of his employees spotted two masked men with guns.

The suspects attempted to enter the building, but when they realised that the doors were locked they then attempted to open a parked Kia van belonging to an employee.

However, the driver of the van was inside the vehicle and when he observed what was taking place, he sped off.
The suspects also left.

The police were notified and quickly responded and made checks of the area, before allowing Rambally and his staff to leave the building.

Investigations are ongoing.