Caroni Central MP accuses gov’t of politicizing distribution of water

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Caroni Central MP accuses gov’t of politicizing distribution of water

Caroni Central MP, Arnold Ram, said his constituents continue to be victims of blatant discrimination, as it relates to the mockery of a water supply being received in their pipes.

In a statement this morning, he said despite numerous promises being made since 2020 by the Minister of Public Utilities and successive WASA officials, vast areas of Caroni Central continue to be an afterthought in the provision of a regular water supply for the people of Trinidad and Tobago.

He said, “Today makes it fifteen (15) days and counting since areas such as Preysal, Chickland, Sewdass Road, Calcutta #3 and environs have received any form of pipe borne water supply. Many have had to revert to requesting truck borne supply, which is yet to arrive, due to the burden of the requests for the regulated truck borne water. Those who were fortunate to receive a prompt supply of truck borne water were asked to pay $400 for the supply.”

“It now appears without question that the distribution of water has been politicized by the Government and the Management of WASA, as a shameful and despicable attempt towards their own political gain.”

MP Ram said that as the Member of Parliament for Caroni Central, he wholeheartedly refuses to stand with false hope any longer and watch the continuous decay of all facets and semblance of a reasonable standard of life, due to the PNM’s gross negligence in handling the basic operations of our country.