Caroni and Victoria Counties have the most active Covid-19 cases

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Caroni and Victoria Counties have the most active Covid-19 cases

Chief Medical Officer Dr Roshan Parasram has revealed that the counties of Caroni and Victoria have the most Covid-19 cases in Trinidad and Tobago.

Collectively, the two Counties have 350 of the active Covid-19 patients.

Speaking at the Ministry of Health’s virtual press conference on Saturday, Parasram Dr Parasram said 58.2% of Covid-19 patients in home isolation were asymptomatic while 34.0% were symptomatic.

The CMO said diabetes (22.8%) and hypertension (24.4%) were the two most common comorbidities among Covid-19 patients throughout the country.

He said, “Although it is not a comorbidity, pregnancy is a condition that can lead to complications of Covid-19.”

Dr Parasram highlighted that within the age, the group zero to 19 years remains the lowest number of active cases.

He said the age groups 20 to 30 and 40 to 59, account for 68.67 % of the cases.

He said people over 60 have accounted for the greatest number of deaths so far.

Dr Parasram said of the total number of patients, 42.1% have comorbidities.

Here is the breakdown of the Covid-19 cases within the counties:

Caroni 177;
Victoria 173;
St George West 68;
St George Central 61;
St George East 93;
St Andrew/St David 13;
Mayaro\Nariva 13;
St Patrick 72; and
Tobago 23

In the meantime, the Ministry reported on Saturday that there are 64 new cases of COVID-19 in T&T.
The death toll however remains on 150, with no additional deaths recorded.
28 persons have also recovered, leaving 748 active cases of the virus.