Cancer patient Mitera Balkaran fought to the end

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Cancer patient Mitera Balkaran fought to the end

Mitera Balkaran, the cancer patient who recently returned to Trinidad to fulfil her last wish, has passed away.

Balkaran was told by doctors in 2021 that she had hives due to stress at work.

It was later revealed that she was diagnosed with cancer resulting in having her left leg amputated.

Mitera Balkaran, 32, was working as a mechanical engineer in Belgium when she was diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma in 2021, after she developed a lump in her leg which grew bigger and bigger.

Balkaran, 33, died at the San Fernando General Hospital on Saturday.

Her husband shared the heartbreaking news via her TikTok account.

After a second opinion, an ultrasound and MRI scan, showed she had a form of soft tissue sarcoma called Undifferentiated Pleomorphic High-Grade Sarcoma (UPS).

Balkaran returned to Trinidad and Tobago from Belgium last week to fulful her dying wish, which was to have a Hindu wedding ceremony.

She had set up a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to help her get home.

Howver her husband madd an update to her TikTok account and said: “I am very heartbroken that I have to let you know Mitera passed away early this morning in San Fernando General Hospital, the same hospital she was born in 33 years ago.”

Mitera underwent a 18 week regime of aggressive chemotherapy, followed by surgery to remove the tumours which have spread over her body including in her lungs.