‘Calypso Princess’ Karene Asche to kickstart Calypso Fiesta

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‘Calypso Princess’ Karene Asche to kickstart Calypso Fiesta

Fresh off of being crowned 2024 Young King, Mical Teja (Mical Williams) pulled an early number for the Calypso Fiesta competition this Saturday, 3rd February at Skinner Park.

Teja will perform his popular ‘DNA’ in the fourth position.

Starting the show is former calypso monarch Karene Asche.
She drew the first position at draw at The Savannah Grass, Kaiso House on January 25.

A total of 40 semifinalists will be performing on Saturday, with the hope of making the final 12 for the National Calypso Monarch final, to compete against the reigning monarch Ta’zyah O’Connor.

The monarch will receive $500,000 along with a Suzuki Grand Vitara valued at $300,000, second place will receive $500,000, third place, $350,000, fourth place $250,000, fifth place, $175,000 and sixth-12th, $45,000.

Terri Lyons, the 2020 Calypso Monarch, will perform in position number five and back-to-back winner (2014 and 2015) Roderick “Chuck” Gordon is in position six.

Soca King Machel Montano will perform in the 27th position at the park, following Winston ‘Gypsy’ Peters in 26th.

The reigning National Women’s Action Committee (NWAC) Calypso Queen Naomi Sinette will compete in 36th position.

Here is the order of appearance:-

1. Karene “The Calypso Princess” Asche – No Excuse

2. Hammond “Slick” Bruce – Trinidad is not a real place

3. Richard “Chromatics” Raj-Kumar – 2 Party

4. Mical “Mical Teja” Williams – DNA

5. Terri Lyons – Play Panman

6. Roderick “Chuck Gordon” Gordon – Charlsie

7. Myron “Calypso Nite” Bruce – Gun smoke in the dancehall

8. Romel “Papamel” Lazama – Real talk

9. Caston Cupid – Straight from the heart

10. Phillip “Black Sage” Murray – Stone

11. Garth St Clair – Is it we anthem or we and them

12. Giselle “GG” Fraser Washington – We going fighting

13. Ezekiel Yorke – No greater gift

14. Stephen Marcelle – Country of survival

15. Alana “Lady Watchman” Sinette-Khan – Shopping in Miami

16. Mark Eastman – Generation

17. Crystal “The Legal Diva” Charles – Standing my ground

18. Kurt “The Last Bardjohn of Calypso” Allen – The First Investigation

19. Eric James – Is d people

20. Nakasa Thatcher-Roberts – Find ah station

21. Rivaldo London – Here in T&T

22. Nicole Thomas – The truth is

23. Aaron Duncan – Character

24. Aaron Sinette – Tick Tock

25. Sean “Ifa (efa)” Singh – Jack and Jill

26. Winston “Gypsy” Peters – Ungrateful

27. Machel Montano – Soul of calypso

28. Shamika Denoon – Ah we saltfish

29. Stacey “Stacey Sobers” Sobers-Abraham – Respect the tribe

30. Victoria “Queen Victoria” Cooper-Rahim – The enemy

31. Keith “Def Prince” Wason – Identity crisis

32. Wendy Garrick – Keep yuh head up

33. Heaven “Snakey” Charles – Wake up calypso

34. Brian London – Hell

35. Michelle Henry – When the fighting start

36. Naomi Sinette – Dem Advisers

37. Kerine “Tiny” Williams-Figaro – Through these eyes

38. Alex “Tobago Chalkie” Gift – The Feud

39. Helon Francis – Representing we

40. Selvon “Mistah Shak” Noel – De return

The reserve is Arnold Jordon – The Message.