Buccoo Reef begins the journey home to TT

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Buccoo Reef begins the journey home to TT

The National Infrastructure Development Company Limited (NIDCO) is advising that the Buccoo Reef – the newest ferry due to join our inter-island service – has left the INCAT shipyard in Hobart, Tasmania, and begun her journey home to Trinidad and Tobago.

NIDCO said the vessel set sail for T&T at 12:10 am (local time) today, Thursday 21 January 2021.

It is expected to travel some 9,266 nautical miles and is scheduled to arrive in March 2021.

The Buccoo Reef will make two scheduled stops on her long journey home: firstly, at Pape’ete in French Polynesia; and then at the Panama Canal in Panama, before docking in sweet T&T.

As with the APT James, NIDCO has promised to share periodic updates on the progress of the Buccoo Reef’s homeward journey.