Brazil And Venezuela Offer TT Help To Deal With Recent Oil Spill

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Brazil And Venezuela Offer TT Help To Deal With Recent Oil Spill

Brazil and Venezuela are offering Trinidad and Tobago help as the country address the recent oil spill in the sister isle.

The Ministry of Foreign and Caricom Affairs is in contact through the established protocols and will continue to advance these discussions.

It was revealed by Prime Minister, Dr Keith Rowley, the vessel as of now is still stuck on the reef at Cove.

Parliament was told the aim is to empty the contents of the vessel in a control operation and neutralize the threat.

Prime Minister, Dr Keith Rowley, made the announcement during a statement in parliament Friday.

He said the national oil contingency plan is in place, all protocols are in place and are being followed.

The government said good progress have been made and have identified many leads which are being followed up in the on-going investigations there is as yet no definite identification of operators or ownership and confirmation of the offending party or parties.

The government has also not yet determined the nature of the operation which resulted in the wreckage drifting to our shores.

It said notwithstanding who is responsible the government will protect, preserve and restore the environment.

It said it is also seeking to find out who is responsible and hold them liable.

The Prime Minister said this event was not budgeted for in the annual allocations but the cost of dealing with it will be assumed by the Ministry of Finance.