Beefed up security at all water installations following vandalism at Golden Grove booster

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Beefed up security at all water installations following vandalism at Golden Grove booster

After vandals damaged electrical components at the Golden Groove Booster station over the weekend, causing a disruption in water supply in the Five Rivers area, the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) has taken steps to strengthen security at all water installation sites throughout the country.

The revelation was made Monday by Public Utilities Minister, Marvin Gonzales.

He said the vandals got in by breaking a lock on the gate, but said no motive has yet been determined.

“It was just vandalised deliberately. Nothing was taken. It was just a vandalisation of electrical components of that booster.”

Gonzales said the facility is back in service after WASA repaired it, but was unable to give the cost of the repairs, as they were done internally.

“One of the motors was damaged, and we had to remove a motor from the nearby Aripo booster station to use at that (Golden Grove) booster station in order to supply affected communities with water.

“We are looking at replacing that motor in the coming days.”

Gonzales said the increase in vandalism at WASA plants throughout the country was worrying.

“We are very concerned with what we are seeing. In recent times there have been an increase in vandalism and disruptions taking place at our water installations. The security services are looking closely and monitoring what is taking place.”

Gonzales added that this has triggered an increase in security measures at all major water installations.

“We will be ramping up our security measures. We have a lot of information that we have received with respect to other incidents of vandalism and sabotage that are taking place. We are working with intelligence agencies and the Ministry of National Security with respect to tracking and arresting those persons and bringing those perpetrators before the courts for what they are doing to our water infrastructure.”