Bacchus: Caribbean soft target for cyber-attacks

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Bacchus: Caribbean soft target for cyber-attacks

Minister of Digital Transformation Hassel Bacchus says that dealing with cyber security takes a very holistic approach.

He maintains that cyber-attacks will happen to organisations no matter what type of security is in place.

That said however, he stated that it is necessary to ensure that things are put in place to ensure companies are prepared for attacks.

Speaking with the Power Breakfast Show this morning, Minister Bacchus stated in addition to trying to prepare for attacks there must also be focus on preventing such attacks.

He said that he thinks the Caribbean is quite vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

In fact he noted the region has been the target of some very large cyber hacking agencies like Ransomxx and Rockbit.

He said he believes this is so because they view the Caribbean as soft targets.

He was quick to point out that it’s not because we are ill prepared as some companies and well protected and others are getting there.

The Minister went on to explain that he thinks it’s the aspect of the social engineering component of cyber-attacks that makes us vulnerable.