BOATT President: $10M allocation to bars not enough

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BOATT President: $10M allocation to bars not enough

The Head of the Barkeepers and Operators Association (BOATT) has slammed government’s proposed $10 million allocation to assist bar owners and employees.

In an interview with GML, BOATT President, Terry Mohan, said that of the 5,000 bars in the country, the $10M figure was a slap in the face and works out to $2,000 per bar.

He said that figure is not adequate to pay rent, lights, and utilities and cannot offset their expenses and operating costs.

Mohan said under 400 bars have gone under and it was projected that the figure will climb to 450 by the end of the week.
He believes government is content to see bar go down.

The association is expected to release an official statement on Monday.