ASAP Rocky Spends Christmas With Rihanna


ASAP Rocky Spends Christmas With Rihanna

Things are ‘hottin up’ between Rihanna and ASAP Rocky this Christmas. The Bajan beauty reportedly invited the American rapper to spend the holidays with her and her family in Barbados.

“It’s a huge sign of how happy she is with him. Rihanna is all about family so the fact that she invited him is very meaningful,” a source told HollywoodLife. “Her friends are taking this a sign that she’s getting serious with him.”

Apparently, Rocky has taken her up on her offer.

“They had plans all along for him to join her. [A$AP] just had to tie up a few loose ends before flying out,” the source added. “He’s so excited to spend their first Christmas together. He’s had a thing for Rihanna for a few years now, and he’s so happy things have come full circle. Although this year has been tough for everybody, he’s so grateful to be ending it on such a high note by celebrating with Rihanna by his side.”