Asa Wright appeals for assistance to survive

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Asa Wright appeals for assistance to survive

The Asa Wright Nature Centre is once again appealing for assistance to reopen and “survive.”

In a Facebook post on Saturday, the nature centre revealed that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, they have had to remain closed to visitors for several months and the eco-lodge has ceased operations.

However, the not-for-profit Trust remains in existence and it will continue managing its protected areas as a wildlife sanctuary.

The Asa Wright is endeavouring to sustain their on-going research and conservation projects as well as to provide needed maintenance for the trails and grounds of the Centre.

“As we have no revenue to sustain this important activity your assistance is critical – please help support our work now with your donation.
“Due to COVID-19 We Need Your Help Now! Please join the growing list of friends, government officials, business and community leaders, scientists, environmentalists, teachers, parents and children from around the world who have already donated to help us survive this crisis!
Please Donate Now And Help Us Survive!” the statement added.

The Chairperson of the Board will be issuing a statement soon to clarify the situation.