Another Joel Balcon rape victim: He raped me, lay on top of me and slept”

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Another Joel Balcon rape victim: He raped me, lay on top of me and slept”

It’s one of the most heinous crimes a perpetrator can commit. It’s one of the most destructive experiences and woman or man can ensure, and ‘Camille’ ( not her real name’ endyred it for hours at the hands of now dead rape accused Joel Balcon.

If we are to believe the testimonials of now several women, Balcon was indeed a mobster. Camille’s story was very similar to what is now common knowledge about the tragic end of Andrea Bharatt who’s body was found after she went missing. Also very similar to Ashanti Riley, who was also abducted, and found murderer in a river in Santa Cruz seven days later.

She wanted to use another name because she is trying to move on with her life after the terrible ordeal.

‘Camille’s ordeal started early in January , about the first week in January she said crying when she told the story of having boarded a taxi after work late in the night. The driver picked up another man who seemed to know the driver as they began talking. ‘An uneasy feeling came over me as the car started moving out of the area.
She quietly asked the driver why he was moving in that direction’ and he ignored her, at that point she started fumbling with her phone to call her family. She knew she was in trouble when the other man in the back grabbed the phone and put a knife to her neck and told her to be quiet. She started to beg for her life, telling them she just had a baby and to please let her go.
Even reliving the experience is traumatizing for ‘Camille’ , she had to stop several times to catch her breath. During the journey she kept begging the men to please let her go to her child, they ignored her and took her to a guest house.
Her worst nightmare came to reality when the man she identified as Balcon took her to a room and repeatedly raped her for hours, sodomized her and in a bizarre twist ‘lay on top of her and slept’. He told her ‘if you move and wake me, I will kill you’.
She lay motionless for hours barely breathing, so as not to wake the monster lying on top of her, the monster who had just raped her.
It’s something you can imagine she said and all she could think of was getting home to her baby.
She continued telling the horrific ordeal where he woke up after some hours and raped her again. So how did she escape death? ‘Camille” begged and begged to be released for her child,s sake, and he…this monster relented.
She was dropped off one day later in Arima, bruised and crying but alive.
She in a daze, stumbled out of the car, but not before being warned: “if you report this to police I will find you and kill you”. He said he was and his ‘friends’ would easily find and kill her.
“Camille” quickly walked away, asked a stranger she saw to use his phone and called her family, who had logged a missing persons report.
They quickly came to her and took her to hospital where she related the horrific ordeal.
The nurses insisted she report the ordeal to police. She was still extremely traumatized and resisted initial until her family convinced her she was safe.
She lamented the police response was unfortunate as they didn’t seem to take her seriously. During this interview she didn’t not want to talk about the police exchange as she was very disappointed with the police response to her situation. All she would say is “they didn’t take me seriously”.
“Camille” ended by saying it’s only recently she realized that the same man who was held for Andrea Bharatt’s murder is the man who raped her as his picture was in the news and online.
The entire situation with Andrea took her back to that nightmare.
She even started recalling how he smelled and felt ill at the thought. At that point she ended the conversation.
Izzso media has been able to independently verify Camille,s version of events through a confidential police source who remains confidential because he is adamant that if officers had done a better job, Balcon would have been caught much sooner.