Angostura warns of fake website and White Oak offer

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Angostura warns of fake website and White Oak offer

The House of Angostura is today warning of a fake Angostura website, which is attempting to defraud users with an offer of winning the new White Oak Grapefruit flavour.

According to a media release from the company this morning, the website is and asks users to enter credit card information and other personal details.

Angostura warns that the website is NOT legitimate and there is currently no promotion which requires credit card information or personal data to be entered.


It urges users to refrain from interacting with the page, and if contacted via direct messages on any social media platform, persons should report it immediately.

The company says these remain their official social media platforms:

Instagram: @whiteoaktt
Twitter: @whiteoaktt
Facebook: @whiteoakrum
Official website: