Ameen says Al-Rawi needs to get his act together as flood clean-up slow

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Ameen says Al-Rawi needs to get his act together as flood clean-up slow

Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Faris Al-Rawi, has been told to get his act together with regard to flood relief efforts.

This call has come from St Augustine MP and shadow minister of local government, Khadijah Ameen.

In a statement on Wednesday evening, Ameen said that while UNC MPs and Councillors are on the ground in the flood-affected areas, the support from government agencies is still lacking.

She noted that one area of serious concern is the timely removal of damaged flood-soaked household items.

Ameen is suggesting that Minister Al-Rawi utilise his experience from his recent public relations/clean-up campaign to pool and coordinate the resources from all 14 Regional Corporations, as well as CEPEPP, to provide more manual labour power, washing, water trucks, dump trucks, backhoes, in addition to approving overtime for workers involved in the exercise.

She is also warning of the public health hazard in areas devastated by floods, due to the slow removal of flood-soaked clothing, beds, furniture, appliances and other items, and the associated stench and dust. She notes that in some areas this stench is unbearable.

Ameen said the limited resources assigned and lack of proper coordination by the State must be addressed immediately.