Ag CoP says TTPS putting house in order despite failure of Bail Bill

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Ag CoP says TTPS putting house in order despite failure of Bail Bill

Acting Police Commissioner McDonald Jacob has assured that his officers will not be discouraged by the lack of support to the Bail (Amendment) (Extension of Duration) Bill 2022.

Government failed to receive support from five Independent senators on Wednesday, who, together with six Opposition members, voted against extending the life of the 2019 bill for one year as the sunset clause expires on August 4.

The law allowed magistrates and judges to deny bail, for 120 days, to people charged with specific offences under the Firearms Act, the Anti-Gang Act, the Sexual Offences Act, the Dangerous Drugs Act, the Anti-Terrorism Act and the Trafficking in Persons Act.

Jacob, who spoke to media following the opening of the St Clair Police Station on Friday, said while there was some hope the bill could be extended, the police were working on different strategies to improve their detection and case-management skills.

“We are upgrading our whole case-management system, and then with our scientific management of situations, from ballistics to DNA testing, to ensure our matters can be completed within a particular time so we will be ready to go on in court. So we are looking at swift justice in relation to those matters.

“In spite of that situation, we continue working and looking forward to bringing people to justice as fast as possible. Even though we will have to depend on the other arm of our criminal justice system, we, the police, are making sure that we are putting our house in order.