Aeromexico passenger opens plane door and walks on wing

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Aeromexico passenger opens plane door and walks on wing

A man has been arrested in Mexico after opening an aeroplane’s emergency door and walking on to the wing.

The man took action after the Guatemala City-bound plane had been stuck for hours on the tarmac without air conditioning or water for passengers.

Mexico International Airport said no harm had been caused, but that the passenger had been handed to police.

Fellow passengers, however, have written a joint statement, saying the man had everyone’s support.

The incident occurred last Thursday, at around 11:30 – about three hours after the Aeromexico flight had been scheduled to take-off from Mexico City.

The delay was caused by a maintenance issue, an incident report said.
“All passengers on the flight from CDMX [Mexico City] to Guatemala [flight] AM 0672 state that the passenger on board who opened the emergency window was for the protection of everyone, with the support of everyone, since the delay and lack of air created dangerous conditions for the health of the passengers,” the handwritten note by fellow passengers reads.

“He saved our lives,” they wrote – and added their names and signatures to the note distributed on social media.

It went on to explain that a change of plane had become necessary after the unidentified passenger’s unilateral move.

It is not clear if the man remains in custody – or what charges he may face.

Irate passengers, however, saw the incident in a different light.