ACAWU says CAL mismanaged and employees mistreated

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ACAWU says CAL mismanaged and employees mistreated

The Aviation, Communication and Allied Workers’ Union (ACAWU) has blamed the recent flights chaos on “the tyrannical management style” of the current Caribbean Airlines (CAL) regime.

The union is also giving its full support to the T&T Airline Pilots Association (TTALPA) as negotiations continue between the airline and the pilots for better wages.

In a statement, ACAWU president general, Nwannia Sorzano, said, “This company belongs to the people of Trinidad and Tobago and it is important for the citizens to know that their company is being mismanaged and employees are being mistreated.”

According to Sorzano: “Caribbean Airlines has deprived their workers of proper representation, since they refuse to acknowledge ACAWU as the RMU (representing major union), although the Industrial Court has determined that they are the successor to BWIA. That determination has been appealed and is awaiting the Court of Appeal decision.”

In a GML report, Sorzano claimed that CAL has not been transparent with workers about the hiring process. She added that highly skilled workers are being paid below industry standards.

She noted that ACAWU’s membership has grown to approximately 200 members, representing from cabin crew to ground staff.

“Almost every single day we are getting members joining and it definitely shows what is happening in the company,” she said.

Sorzano said CAL must ask itself what has been distressing its workers to the point that they are now “sick and tired.”

ACAWU members have been asked to wear red and black ribbons this week and change their social media profile pictures to purple to show solidarity with TTALPA.