Aboud offers $25,000 reward for info on Andrea

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Aboud offers $25,000 reward for info on Andrea

Businessman and founder of the Fishermen and Friends of the Sea, Gary Aboud, is offering a reward of his own for any information on 22-year-old Andrea Bharatt.

The Mode Alive owner made the offer of $25,000 via his Facebook page on Tuesday.
It follows, the announcement by Crime Stoppers, who issued a $50,000 reward for any information that could assist in finding Bharatt.

Aboud said “Andrea Bharatt is 21-years-old (sic) and she is in danger, her family is in distress…we don’t know them, but she is one of ours and you, if you are listening and you have knowledge please report it. Anything remotely suspicious that you see, please report it.”

He added: “If it leads to her recovery, we will pay you $25,000. We’re not going anywhere. Please share this video. Let’s get back Andrea Bharatt. Then we’ll have more reason to celebrate than all of Carnival could have given us. Please get back Andrea Bharatt.”

Bharatt was taken on Friday after boarding a taxi with a co-worker to go home. Her co-worker exited the taxi at Cleaver Heights, Arima. However, Bharatt, who lived some ten minutes away, never made it home.