921 police officers promoted

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921 police officers promoted

“With this promotion you have not arrived, but instead you have started for yourself a journey of self-development and actualization that should be driven by an innate desire and the potential that you have shown to become the best.”

This from Commissioner of Police, Erla Harewood-Christopher as she delivered the feature address at a historic promotion ceremony where 921 officers were promoted in rank, 900 being Police Constables promoted Corporals. The event was held at the University of the Southern Caribbean Auditorium in St Joseph, on Friday 29th September 2023. The CoP added, “Many of you are young, both in age and in service, your leadership will be tested. You are required to be strong, but you are to lead with humility and note that that humility does not mean weakness.”

“Policing in Trinidad and Tobago is at a critical juncture and everyone, everywhere is required to make a positive difference wherever they are at whatever rank they hold. The demands on the TPS to deliver results requires every officer to perform at their best” said Commissioner Christopher to the newly minted and exuberant batch of officers.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Ag, Ramnarine Samaroo, Chairman of the Promotion Advisory Board, also congratulated the officers, as he commented on the mammoth task. He stated “We had a very committed board, we have a committed Commissioner of Police, we had civilians working on this board, we were interviewing people at 7:30 pm in the night and some of you were interviewed on Saturdays. You know why? Because we wanted it to happen”. He encouraged the newly promoted Corporals saying, “set goals and strive to attain the rank of Sergeant, but make sure and utilize that stripe you receive today fairly amongst all your subordinates”.

Acting Assistant Superintendent Gideon Dickson, President of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service Social Welfare Association also congratulated the over 900 excited officers, he said, “I’ve been around about 29 years, and I’ve never witnessed a promotion as large as this”. He went on to say that no one person has all the information and implored the officers to build their network and charged them to always operate professionally.

The interviews to the rank of Corporal commenced on April 11, 2023, and concluded on September 15, 2023, and two thousand, two hundred and thirty-three (2,233) constables were interviewed during the period. During the ceremony four Sergeants were also promoted to the rank of Inspector and 17 Corporals were promoted to the rank of Sergeant.

Corporal Rishi Ramroop, who topped the merit list, also took the stage to speak on behalf of his gracious and grateful colleagues. He thanked the Commissioner and the Executive then stated, “This opportunity enables us to better assist the Executive of the Police Service in the fight against crime and to bring the TTPS to a better place. As we restore public confidence, we the newly promoted appointed Corporals, in moving forward in this journey, let us continue to operate with our motto, To Protect and serve with PRIDE”.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Ag Curt Simon and ACP Administration Junior Benjamin who were also at the head table, were joined by members of the Executive team who congratulated the officers as they collected their instruments of appointment on a very momentous and memorable evening.