3 teens and a 20-year-old man held for “snatching” in POS

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3 teens and a 20-year-old man held for “snatching” in POS

Officers of the Port of Spain Task Force arrested four men on Thursday after they received reports that the suspects were snatching chains, cellphones and purses from passers-by in downtown Port of Spain.

Cops were on patrol at around 2 pm when they were approached by people who complained that a group of men were wandering along Pembroke Street and robbing people.

The officers went to the area in an unmarked vehicle and noticed the bandits.

The bandits on seeing the officers ran in different directions but were chased and caught by police.

The suspects, a 17-year-old Sea Lots boy and 19-year-old Charlotte Street man were arrested.

A second team of police also arrested a 16-year-old Sea Lots boy and 20-year-old Charlotte Street man on Knox Street nearby.

The suspects were handed over to the Belmont CID and are expected to be charged with robberies.