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Young: Criminal justice system, impediment to crime fighting

Minister of Energy and Energy Industries Stuart Young believes that the criminal justice system is an impediment to crime fighting. 

Speaking as a panelist on the BBC’s World Service World Question with Jonny Dymond last week, Young told the audience that the Government implemented the Public Defender System so that everyone charged with an offence has legal representation in court.  

He went on to boast that he was the only Minister of National Security who walked the Remand Yard prison several times despite reservations from the Prison Service, in his quest to interact with remanded prisoners. 

He said he learnt that many wanted judge-alone trials to get speedier outcomes. 

Young said the Government also implemented more criminal courts. 

 “It is my belief that the biggest problem we have in dealing with criminality in Trinidad & Tobago is the criminal justice system. Every time we try to address it, immediately, separation of powers comes to the forefront, which is protected in Trinidad & Tobago by a constitution,” Young said.