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Works At North Oropouche Plant To Be Completed Tomorrow, Assures WASA

Tuesday at noon, is the time given by the Water and Sewage Authority for the completion of repairs at the forty-two inch transmission pipeline off the North Oropouche Water Treatment Plant.

WASA advised customers in parts of North East Trinidad, served by the North Oropouche Water Treatment Plant, that there has been a further rupture on the pipeline, located cross country in the Valencia area.

It said following the completion of leak repair works over the weekend, there had been apparent erosion of the soil and slippage of the pipeline, causing another leak to develop.

Customers are further advised it may take up to forty-eight hours for the service to normalize to some affected areas, in accordance with established water supply schedules, following the completion of these repairs.

A limited truck borne service will be available upon request.