Robinson-Regis to Moonilal: Stop telling lies on housing project!

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Robinson-Regis to Moonilal: Stop telling lies on housing project!

Minister of Housing Camille Robinson Regis came out breathing fire in response to allegations by the Member for Oropouche East Dr Roodal Moonilal who has called for an immediate investigation into the Housing Development Corporation’s (HDC) executive, accusing the body of failure of to exercise its “fiduciary duty,” with respect to the condition of about 100 units at a major housing project in D’Abadie.

During his contribution to the budget debate in the Parliament yesterday Moonilal referred to an extensive report prepared by CEP Ltd – an engineering consulting firm – presented to the HDC last year, raising alarming concerns about the structures’ foundation, insufficient or complete lack of reinforced beams, among other matters, contrary to international standards.

In her response to the allegations during her contribution to the Budget Debate this morning Robinson – Regis stated that Dr Moonilal had given false and misleading information yesterday.

She said that in June this year the HDC met with the contractor to discuss the way forward and also to indicate that they were unhappy with the length of time taken by the contractor to remediate.

The matter was then taken to the HDC Board in August and September which decided that several steps must be taken.

She said the HDC entered into a situation where the contractor must remediate at his own cost. And there would be no cost of millions of dollars to tax payers as the Oropouche MP had erroneously stated.