WATCH: Dexta Daps issues stern warning to female fans about throwing underwear on stage

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WATCH: Dexta Daps issues stern warning to female fans about throwing underwear on stage

Dexta Daps shows usually hold nothing off limits, but it seems that the artist is drawing a line on what his fans are allowed to do at his shows.

The dancehall singjay builds his brand on being the artist who makes sensual music for female fans, and his performances are often edgy and outrageous with strong sexual innuendos. The shows have driven collective fear into the partners of Daps’ female fans, who often express reservations regarding their spouses attending his parties.

However, nothing can stop female fans from showing their appreciation for the artiste who has branded himself as a sexual icon.

While performing at the Rebel Nightclub in Toronto, Canada, on Sunday night, Dexta Daps put a new rule in place, urging his female fans not to throw their underwear on his stage. Throwing underwear at artists is not new. Drake started the trend with fans popping up at his recently concluded It’s All A Blur tour and throwing brassieres on his stage. Over the shows, fans threw all kinds of bras – big and small, much to the surprise of the artiste as he examined them on stage.

However, Dexta Daps is not all entirely on board with underwear being thrown at him on stage as he chided a zealous female fan while performing that he did not want fans to throw panties at him.

“Mind how unu a throw unu bloodc***t draws inna mi face,” Daps said as he stopped his performance and pointed at the crowd.

Fans in the crowd, however, began to laugh at him, with one woman heard shouting, “Ah, you sing bout draw, so tek it!”

This is not the first time that Dexta Daps addressed fans about throwing underwear. Last year, while performing in the Cayman Islands, a fan tried to put her underwear over his face. In Jamaican culture, many men consider touching women’s underwear, washing it, putting it on a clothesline, etc, taboo.