WASA working on its delivery shortcomings in some areas

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WASA working on its delivery shortcomings in some areas

Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) acting CEO Kelvin Romain has admitted there are delivery shortcomings in some areas but assured that these are being addressed.

However, Romain boasted that so far, WASA has had success with its water rotation schedules.

He made the comment while speaking with reporters following a tour of the Desalination Plant yesterday.

Romain said, “I am happy to state that we are more or less around 80 per cent hitting those schedules or a success of 80 per cent on the schedules. What we did envisage is that we may have had to make some adjustments, and that would have been in our risk management assessment and to mitigate against those risks, what we are going to do would be adjust some of those schedules. So early morning tomorrow, you would see some of those adjustments on the extreme end of the system.”

However, he admitted there were some “shortcomings” in Fyzabad, La Brea, Pluck Road, and San Francique.

“I want to assure our customers that we did predict some of those things and anticipate some of those things, and we are adjusting to suit.”