Vemco not raising price on local manufactured pasta

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Vemco not raising price on local manufactured pasta

Vemco Limited has given the assurance that it will not be raising the price of its pastas.

Following concern in the public domain about an increase in the cost of pasta products, Vemco said that is not their plan.
The Ministry of Trade, acting with Caricom’s approval, has placed a common external tariff on pasta. This, as the ministry noted that there was a “surge in imported pasta,” with an annual local spend of $51 million since 2018.

But, as one of the largest domestic manufacturers of pasta, Vemco said via a release that it remains committed to providing quality products at competitive prices.

“We recognise that pasta is a basic food item for many consumers. We would therefore like to take this opportunity to assure the general public that based on current raw material pricing and exchange rates, Vemco will not be raising prices on our locally manufactured pasta products.”