Upsurge in domestic violence linked to shutdown of TTPS app says NTA

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Upsurge in domestic violence linked to shutdown of TTPS app says NTA

There is a direct relationship between the upsurge in domestic violence incidents and some of the tragic consequences seen, due to actions taken by this Keith Rowley-led government with regards to the TTPS.

This according to the National Transformation Alliance (NTA).

In a release on Thursday, the NTA said the shutting down of the TTPS App and online reporting, as well as the watering down of the Gender-Based Violence Unit, has assisted criminal elements in their actions to abuse women and children.

They added: “Actions have consequences” is an old and true saying. This is why Keith Rowley’s petty personal vendetta against Gary Griffith, National Transformation Alliance Political Leader, had the effect of bringing in political puppets who did his bidding and shut down most of what brought policing success, responsible for the record reductions in crime seen under Mr. Griffith.”

The NTA said, “Of the over 100 different initiatives they shut down, marginalized, and under-resourced, perhaps none has had a direct negative effect on women and children as much as the shutting down of online reporting and the decommissioning of the TTPS App.”

“Designed to complement each other, the two entities made reporting to the police much easier. Online reporting also provided an opportunity for anonymity, which was tremendously valuable for family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors to initiate reports when they observed or knew of women and children living in homes where they experienced ongoing violence.”

The NTA said the reports would immediately trigger a response from the Gender-Based Violence Unit, which was also formed during Griffith’s tenure as CoP.

“The specialized trained officers of the GBVU would then visit the person who was the victim in the report, which avoided victims the indignity of having to visit a police station so they wouldn’t have to meet with officers who lacked the requisite experience and training to deal with their delicate situation.”

The release said, “This is especially important for the public to consider since a few months ago a 13-year-old child and her uncle were both killed mere hours after she made a report of her rape by a particular individual at a police station, and with the recent tragedy where a 4-year-old child was decapitated by a man she called step-daddy, when the child’s mother was at a police station making a report.”

The NTA said, “while we are not saying that the mechanisms which existed under Griffith would have prevented tragedy occurring in these specific cases, what we are saying is that the actions to shut down and dismantle all that Griffith put in place, empower abusers as it makes it easier for them to mask their vile actions.”

“It is clear for all to see that this government time and time again demonstrates that they are aligned with the criminals and care very little for some of the most vulnerable in society. That is why, in response to when Keith Rowley himself engaged in victim blaming women by stating to “choose your men wisely,” we will say that it is time for all to say loud and clear to Keith Rowley and the other criminal-sympathetic members of his government, to call the elections as soon as possible so we can show that we can and will – “Choose our leaders wisely.”