Two men killed and two seriously injured in related shooting incidents in POS on Saturday

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Two men killed and two seriously injured in related shooting incidents in POS on Saturday

More gun violence in Port of Spain at 10:30am on Saturday morning when gunmen killed two men in separate but related  incidents. Two men were also injured in the attacks. According to police reports 26 year old Shakeem Reid, was standing near his home in 19th Street, Beetham Gardens, when a car with several gunmen stopped nearby, two men alighted the vehicle and opened gunfire hitting Reid several times. Reid died on the spot. There were several people nearby who had to run for safety. The gunmen got back into the car which then sped off.

Officers from the Besson Street Police Station responded and were later joined by officers of the Port of Spain Homicide Bureau.
One the same day some hours later the second murder occurred near the Drag Brothers Mall, on the corner of Piccadilly and Besson streets, East Port of Spain, not far from the police station. In what police believe was a reprisal attack gang members from Beetham Gardens heard that the car used in Reid’s murder had been abandoned along Piccadilly Street, and came to avenge the killing of Reid, who had been killed earlier in the day.

Police said that around 3.15 p.m., Darren Douglas, alias “Spooky”, was standing in front of a shop on Piccadilly Street when a car with several gunmen pulled up alongside him, opened fire from inside the car, hitting Douglas several times about the body. He ran into the shop where he collapsed. Police said after Douglas had been shot, and pronounced dead on arrival at the Port of Spain general hospital.

Several men liming in the area pulled out guns and fired back at the shooters, leading to an exchange of gunfire. Two other men were injured in the exchange of gunfire. They were identified as Jonathan Traboulay and Jason Williams who were listed in stable condition at the Port of Spain General Hospital up to last night. Police said Traboulay had his wife and son with him when he sustained a gunshot to the right side of his neck. Williams, who had been standing at the side of the road, also sustained a gunshot injury to the abdomen.