TTPS Road Safety officer sees disturbing trend on the roads; over 41,000 ticketed for year thus far

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TTPS Road Safety officer sees disturbing trend on the roads; over 41,000 ticketed for year thus far

TTPS Road Safety project coordinator Sgt Brent Batson is appealing to people to be safer on the nation’s roads.

This after officers issued over 41,000 tickets for the year to date.

Batson said the U-turn system data shows that 41,328 fixed penalty notices have been given out to motorists for various violations. The most common infractions are failure to wear seatbelts, traffic sign violations, speeding, using mobile phones while driving and driving without insurance.

He said: “What is disturbing from the data coming in from the ticket is that three of those top five offences that are ticketed across the country are considered high-risk behaviours on the road.”

“It tells us just from the ticketing data that we have a lot of work still to do just from an educational side as well as enforcing side to try and deter persons from engaging in this type of behaviour on the roads.”

He said while officers issue tickets as a deterrent, members of the public often accuse them of having ulterior motives.

“One of the things persons would sometimes focus on is that you know we’re out there doing road traffic enforcement is that the . . . police and law enforcement officers just out there trying to get revenue for the Government when really what we’re trying to do is detect and deter unsafe driving behaviours which, again, will result in preventable loss of life and limbs,” he said.

There has been a 17 per cent reduction in road fatalities, however, fatalities, he said do occur, because of speeding, driving under the influence and failure to wear seatbelts.

Batson said that is why police officers focus their enforcement efforts on seatbelts and speeding violations.

Global Road Safety Week is being observed from May 15 to 19. This year’s theme focuses on sustainable transport and the need for governments to facilitate a shift to walking, cycling and using public transport.

Arrive Alive will be embarking on an awareness campaign with videos featuring influencers to draw attention to the need for vulnerable road users and motorists to be safe on the nation’s roads. In June, they will partner with the Ministry of Works and Transport to host the annual Road Safety Awards which honour first responders for their commitment to saving lives on the nation’s roads.