TTPS Detection rates improve slightly (18%) while car thefts continue to be a challenge

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TTPS Detection rates improve slightly (18%) while car thefts continue to be a challenge

Minister of National Security Fitzgerald Hinds, gave a breakdown of the TTPS performance between September 2023 to 2023, in a written response to a question filed by Independent Senator Dr. Paul Richards in the Senate on Friday. Minister Hinds reported that between September 2022 and September 2023, only four percent of vehicle thefts were detected as police solved just 43 cases out of 1,090. The report indicated that the TTPS’ “detection and solve” rates for the period September 2022 to September 2023 stand at just 18%, with police solving 83 out of 663 murders for the period.

The report indicated that for the crime of greatest concern,  murders the detection rate was 13 percent; rapes, incest, and other sexual offenses—14 percent; burglaries and break-ins—18 percent; robberies—19 percent; general larceny—14 percent; larceny (dwelling house)—17 percent; larceny motor vehicle—four percent; other serious crimes- 52 percent.

There were 843 rapes, incest, and other sexual offenses of which 120 were detected.

There were 1,691 burglaries and break-ins, of which 299 were detected.

There were 2,699 robberies, of which 510 were detected.

Overall for the period under report, there were 10,033 reported crimes, with 1,841 or 18 percent being detected. The criminal activity was at its highest in January, when the total number of 1,005 crimes was reported; while September 2023 saw the lowest number of reported crimes—634. The highest number of reported murders took place in January of this year when there were 61 murders.