TT signs historic Air Service Agreement with Curacao

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TT signs historic Air Service Agreement with Curacao

The Ministry of Works and Transport signed a historic bilateral air services agreement with the Kingdom of the Netherlands concerning Curaçao.

This historic signing signifies the culmination of bilateral negotiations, which began in 2015 and heralds a new era of connectivity, enabling seamless travel opportunities.

When in force, this Air Services Agreement will create avenues for Caribbean Airlines Limited and Curacao’s designated airlines to enhance their air services, facilitating more extensive commercial route development between the regions.

This expansion includes routes with layovers and final destinations spanning key areas such as North and South America.
Additionally, this development is set to foster economic growth, bolster tourism opportunities and enhance trade relations between the two countries.

This agreement comes on the recent air service agreement with Qatar, which will be signed in February next year, and the Works Minister, Rohan Sinanan said they are also set to sign with Ghana soon after that.

Sinanan said “There are a lot of agreements in the pipeline that we will be seeing rolling out next year.”

“I want to congratulate the air services committee for a job well done, bringing us to the point where we can have some of these agreements signed that have been in the pipeline for 13 years and some for over 15 years, and they are now being rolled out.”

Sinanan said the agreements are important for the development of the tourist industry and brings trade closer, along with other benefits.

“I am informed by the chair of the committee that we now have a template where we will see more of these air services agreements being signed in the near future, which can only augur well for the country and its economy,” he said.