Trump being treated with steroids after oxygen level drop

Trump being treated with steroids after oxygen level drop

US President Donald Trump is reportedly being treated with the steroid dexamethasone after “limited” oxygen level drops on Friday and Saturday.

A report from the BBC states by he is said to be doing well and could even possibly be discharged back to the White House on Monday.

Dr Sean Conley, White House physician finally revealed that Mr Trump was treated with supplementary oxygen.

US First Lady Melania Trump is among a growing group of people around Mr Trump who also have the virus – she is recuperating at the White House.

At least seven people who attended a White House event last week, including the Trumps, have now tested positive.

Trump, 74, has been criticised for playing down severity of virus and often spurning masks and social distancing

The news comes just over a month before presidential elections, where he will face Democratic challenger Joe Biden.

Meanwhile one of the closest people to U.S President has tested positive for COVID – his “body man.”