School security measures trashed out with CoP and Education Ministry

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School security measures trashed out with CoP and Education Ministry

Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith met with Minister of Education the Honourable Anthony Garcia and other Ministry officials today, to discuss strategies to ensure greater security within schools. This meeting took place at the Ministry of Education (MOE), PoS today, Friday, November 11th, 2019.
Commissioner Griffith explained that the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service has been placing greater emphasis on youth development through sports and mentoring to assist in steering youth toward a more positive direction.


The Commissioner stated given the incidents of violence within schools, it is imperative to establish a School’s Security Unit; this unit will provide social intervention and enforcement where necessary. Under this new unit, there will be a number of police involvement in schools both covert and overt.

The Minister of Education said the Ministry wants the support of the TTPS to treat with issues of violence and deviant behaviour in schools. Several schools have been red-flagged based on types and numbers of incidents and also from reports received by the MOE from principals. Minister Garcia said a Memorandum of Understanding is to be drafted between the TTPS and the Ministry of Education, following consultation with relevant stakeholders. The MOU will detail the terms and conditions and standard operating procedures for the officers who will be a part of this new School Security Unit.

The CoP spoke of the Street Talk initiative, where there will be a mentoring programme similar to ‘big brother’ where officers will mentor young persons, providing advice and guidance. Commissioner Griffith said this programme will target ‘at risk’ youth from homes and schools, young men who have been released from prisons or rehabilitation centres, students who are on suspension and those who may have broken the law. The Commissioner has